Drifting is like sex — most men think we’re great at it while we probably aren’t. Sure, it’s easy to look like a drift champion on the internet when you can edit out your mistakes and make quick cuts of your decent, albeit brief, moments of success. However, let’s face it, unless you’re Chris Harris or Ken Block, you’re likely not a drift pro. Which is why it’s refreshing to see Carwow’s Mat Watson take a two-day drift class, so as to get better at the fine art of shredding tires. And the car he has the most success in is a BMW M2.

At this class, Watson had to drive three different cars, with very different characteristics, around the same course with an instructor in the passenger seat. The first car he drove was a Toyota GT86 that’d been modified for drifting. So it featured electronically-adjustable coilovers which were set up to be soft at the front and stiff at the rear, so as to allow the back end to easily step out. In that car, he did okay but there are many moments in the video where he makes mistakes and none of them are edited out. All of which are highlighted by the instructor, as they both laugh.

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Next, he gets in a BMW M2, which the instructor claimed to be far easier to drift. That’s likely due to its better balance and extra power over the GT86. And it seems easier in the video, as Watson did his best work in the M2. It also looks great doing it. After the M2, he gets in a Lexus GS F, a car that’s powerful and rear-wheel drive but also quiet heavy. So it’s not the easiest car in the world to drift. However, it he did pretty well in it.

On day two, the instructor made the course more difficult and Watson was tasked with completing it without spinning once. He spun a lot on day one. And in the Toyota, he spun a lot. So he tried the Lexus and spun some more. After all of that spinning, the instructor was a bit car sick, so he made Watson take the M2 out alone. Which might have been exactly what he needed, as he then completed the course without spinning once and drifted quite well. So Watson succeeded and he did so in the BMW M2.