We recently spoke a bit about the upcoming BMW 1 Series and its soon-to-be M Performance variant, the BMW M130iX. The new 1 Series will be based on BMW’s new FAAR front-wheel drive architecture, something that has a lot of enthusiasts a bit miffed. Unfortunately for those disappointed fans, there are going to be a few more front-wheel drive BMWs in the lineup. Some of them new models and some of them new versions of existing models. So buckle up.

All in all, BMW will have no less than six new front-wheel drive vehicles in the coming years, according to a recent report from Autocar. We’re not counting the BMW X2, as that’s already been released. We’re talking on top of that, new models that will be released in the future.

The first of which is the aforementioned BMW 1 Series. The upcoming 1 Series will be available in both sedan and hatchback form and will be front-wheel drive as-standard. xDrive all-wheel drive will obviously be available and there will be the previously-mentioned BMW M130iX. The latter will be the top-of-the-line M Performance variant and it will be all-wheel drive as-standard. There’s a lot of negativity surrounding the upcoming 1 Series but, if driving the new X2 is any indication, we’re actually quite optimistic that it will be a fun little pocket-rocket.

Next, there will be a BMW 2 Series Gran Turismo. Yes, BMW will be making yet another hunchback-hatchback and it will be built on the FAAR architecture as well. Though, don’t take that as an indication of the next-gen 2 Series going front-drive. It’s likely going to be based on the 2 Series Tourers. Oh yea, there’s more of those coming, too.

The next two new front-wheel drive Bavarians will be the 2 Series Gran Tourer and Active Tourer. Despite basically being front-wheel drive vans, the 2 Series Tourers actually do quite well in Europe. They provide premium, practical and affordable transportation to people that need space and comfort but also want luxury and technology. Obviously we aren’t big fans but there are a lot of fans, so BMW will be making more.

Following that is the BMW iX1, likely the most important car on this list. This will likely be the successor and replacement for the BMW i3 and will be a fully-electric crossover. It won’t be here until at least 2022 but it is indeed coming. It will jumpstart BMW’s entry into mainstream EVs and will be massively important for the brand moving forward.

Lastly, the next-gen BMW X1 will be replaced in a few years with an FAAR successor. The current BMW X1 is actually one of my favorite BMW SUVs (sorry, BMW, SAVs), as it’s enjoyable to drive, good looking and surprisingly comfortable. It’s not the last word in driver engagement but, as an everyday family car, it’s almost impossible to beat. So we’re looking forward to what BMW will bring with a new one.

A lotta front-wheel drive going on. Enthusiasts aren’t going to be pleased but this is what BMW needs to do if it wants to stay competitive with Mercedes-Benz and Audi.

[Source: Autocar]