EXCLUSIVE: Closed Room Impressions of the Production-Ready BMW 8 Series

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There are a lot of important cars to come from BMW in the near future. We have the G20-gen BMW 3 Series, Z4 Roadster, X7 …

There are a lot of important cars to come from BMW in the near future. We have the G20-gen BMW 3 Series, Z4 Roadster, X7 and the M2 CS on the way. Though, none of them are as exciting as the upcoming BMW 8 Series. Not only will it be the flagship luxury and performance car for the famous Bavarian brand but it will also be the return of a fan-favorite nameplate. It also has the potential to be the best looking car from BMW in a long time. So the 8 Series is the car we’re all most excited to see. And thanks to some first impressions from a trusted source, we get a bit more information about what it’s going to look like.

One of our trusted sources was recently in attendance at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. If you’re now wondering, no the BMW 8 Series was not on display in Geneva. However, BMW had a closed room showing in Geneva, where the production-ready 8 Series was on display for a select few attendees. No mobile phones or cameras were allowed inside, so there are no photos. Though, our source has told us what he saw.

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“The front is 100-percent the same”, said our source of the production 8 Series and its Concept car.  Obviously, it’s going to be a bit tamer than the Concept but we’re hearing that its overall design is basically the same. “The grille stays the same.” So expect the low-sloping, sort of 3D Kidney Grilles. Also expect the incredibly thin headlights, as we’ve already seen them on test mules.

Out source also claimed that the rear end is very similar to the Concept. However, he did mention that its taillights are a bit of a mix between those of the Concept and those of the BMW X4. That makes sense, as the X4’s new taillights are part of BMW’s new design direction. He also look good, so mixing them with the Concept’s should look quite good. We’re also hearing that the “inside screen is very big for a BMW.” Now, we’re not sure if that means the iDrive screen or the all new digital instrument cluster. Either way, it’s nice to see BMW embracing a more high-tech styling.

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All in all, though, our source has claimed that the production-ready car is about 90-percent the same as the Concept. That’s incredibly encouraging, as the BMW 8 Series Concept is one of the prettiest concepts we’ve ever seen, from any brand. It’s a stunning car and we can’t wait to see it in person.

[Source: Adi]

16 responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Closed Room Impressions of the Production-Ready BMW 8 Series”

  1. Tumelo Malumane says:

    Is it just me or does the Gran Coupe make the Coupe look dull?

    • Giom says:

      I thought the same thing, but then realized its a natural process of the designers learning about the language. That’s partly why the production car eventually looks a little different in some areas (if it’s not due to the engineering changes).

      Same story with the 6 Series GC. To me, the GC was always a better looking car than the Coupé – slightly better, that is.

    • Kaisuke971 says:

      Well the Coupe was a regular 8 Series (The concept but also the spied car) while the Gran Coupe was the M8, a full on M car, so naturally the Coupe is gonna look tamer now

    • Giom says:

      I don’t really think the Coupé looks tame in comparison… I mean, just look at those air intakes on the Coupé. They’re wild! While the M8 GC gets a more familiar M treatment. The back of the M8 GC, that’s wild.

      But, generally, I’m talking about the proportions between the two. The 6er GC design just worked better with four doors imo. It might be the same for the 8…

    • A.F.S. says:

      I have never heard anyone say a 4 door variant of a car looks better than a 2 door version,,,,,,in my life. The Kool Aid really flows on this site.

  2. jaguarjaonzz says:

    Not everyone is physionomist ! just sayin…

  3. Arunabh says:

    Very encouraging news. Cool !!

    I wish someone from BMWblog team would have been there. They would have captured the detailing like a hawk.

  4. Yukatan says:

    Your source isn’t that trustworthy–headlights are noticeably bigger even in the camoed cars, let alone the leaked picture. The bottom of the headlight lines up with the rising lower portion of the grill in the production. How can it be “100%” the same yet also be “tamer” than the concept? Reminds me of Anchorman’s “60% of the time, it works every time.”

    • NA says:

      I believe he is referring to the M8 Gran Coupe Concept not the original 8er Coupe Concept of 2017.
      M8 Gran Coupe is the face of the face of the production car.

      • Yukatan says:

        Yeah but throughout the entire piece he’s saying 8 Series Concept, not Concept M8–the name Concept is capitalized meaning he’s referring to the specific car, not as a generalization. Plus he’s only showing pictures of the 8 Series Concept not M8, so how could it be the M8?

        It just strikes me as damage-control from the disappointing concept leaks from a couple weeks back, as it specifically mentions one of the big criticisms–that it lost its aggressive front.

        The front is completely watered down–the grill sits considerably higher, which loses that Maserati-esque style. Headlight is larger and also taller. Doesn’t mean it’s ugly, but definitely not as striking as the coupe concept. The M8 concept is a much closer representation, and a purported “insider” says it’s almost identical to production, aside from stuff like mirrors, handles.

  5. Icebreakerr says:

    our source has claimed that the production-ready car is about 90-percent the same as the Concept

    is he talking about the M8 concept or the 8 series concept?

  6. Senne says:

    BMW 😍😍😍

  7. Ask says:

    Is the source even reliable? Is he a car guy?
    The way he explains doesn’t make me think so.

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