BMW Group announced today that it has reduced CO2 emissions from its new car fleet in Europe (EU 28) to 122 grams/kilometer. Compared to 2016, this marks a reduction of a further 2 gram/kilometer. The press release also mentions that BMW Group has reduces its CO2 emissions levels by 42 percent since 1995.

“This development clearly shows that our e-mobility strategy is successful. We are adding more electric drives to our vehicle fleet, while also working on fuel-saving technologies for our conventional drives,” said Harald Krüger, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG.

In 2017, the BMW Group sold more than 100,000 electrified vehicles, a share of 21 percent of all electric and hybrids in Europe. In the electrified vehicle segment, the BMW Group’s market share is already three times larger than its share of the conventional vehicle market.

“By 2025, our global vehicle portfolio will include 25 fully- or part-electric models. At last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, we unveiled our take on the future of e‑mobility with the BMW iVision Dynamics. This vehicle will become reality: we will build it in Munich – as the BMW i4,” Krüger added.