BMW to Enhance Efforts to Cut on CO2 Emissions Worldwide

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BMW Group reduces CO2 emissions in Europe

BMW Group announced today that it has reduced CO2 emissions from its new car fleet in Europe (EU 28) to 122 grams/kilometer. Compared to 2016, this marks a reduction of a further 2 gram/kilometer. The…

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BMW CO2 fleet emissions: reduced by 40% since 1995

With average CO2 emissions of 124 grams per kilometer in the vehicle mix of the fleet delivered in Europe, the BMW Group was once again able to reduce the emissions of their fleet last year….

BMW, Toyota, PSA closest to EU CO2 targets

According to AutoNews, BMW currently ranks third among automakers closest to achieving the CO2 targets by 2015. Ahead of BMW, Toyota and PSA/Peugeot-Citroen are on track to reaching their EU-mandated CO2 targets. BMW needs to…

BMW ahead of schedule to meet EU CO2 targets

According to a report by Automotive News, BMW is ahead of schedule to meet reach its 2015 target in emission levels. Ranking 11th in a list of automakers ranked by CO2 emissions, BMW has to…