We’ve covered the tuning package offered by G-Power for the X5 M and X6 M models numerous times. The figures the German tuner is able to squeeze out of the 4.4-liter V8 twin-turbo engine are out of this world and yet, we never had the chance to see one of these SUVs in action. However, curiosity is a powerful tool and after digging around on Youtube, I managed to find a video showcasing a 735 HP BMW X5 M drag racing on a proper track.

The car apparently has less power than what the latest kit from G-Power is promising, with figures going up to 750 HP with the Bi-Tronik 2 V3 module. Even so, the claimed 735 HP of the car in the video below are definitely enough to send you packing, even in a heavy SUV such as the X5 M. Since this is a drag racing event powered by BMW, most of the runs were done from a roll and that disadvantages the all-wheel drive SUV.

Nevertheless, the car performed flawlessly and gave the lighter sedans and sports cars a literal run for their money. There was even a Ferrari 458 going at it against the X5 M and things seemed rather evened out. Of course, the camera angle doesn’t help and we do need to keep in mind that the Italian thoroughbred was not just designed to go fast in a straight line but around corners as well. Take the two to the track and you’ll see the differences in no time.

However, how many times does one actually go to the track to squeeze every bit of performance out of a properly fast car? That said, red light drag racing is still the most common way of having fun with your ride and at that, the G-Power BMW X5 M is a beast that’s going to be hard to beat.