The upcoming BMW M2 Competition is skipping March’s Geneva Motor Show to make room for the second generation X4 and an M8 Concept. Instead of the expected Swiss unveil, the refreshed and improved M2 Competition will land in China, in April at the 2018 Beijing Motor Show, just days after its Internet debut.

The new M2 Competition is one of the most highly awaited unveils in 2018, a car that promises to take the sporty spirits of the “standard M2” to a new level.

Rendering M2 Competition

The legendary N55 3.0 liter TwinScroll six-cylinder in the current M2 will be replaced by a detuned S55 unit, with the same internal components as the one found in the M3 and M4, but with slightly less power – 405 hp. The engine will be mated to a 7-speed M-DCT transmission or a six-speed manual.

BMW M decided to change the engine since the updated S55 will be compliant with the rules introduced by the new driving cycle WLTP which also accelerated the end of production for the BMW M3 F80 which will now end in May 2018.

Along with the 405 horsepower, nearly 500 Nm of torque are on the table for the M2 Competition, but even more important than the slightly higher peak power is the more aggressive response of the twin-turbocharged straight-six cylinder with 3.0 liter displacement.

Design wise, the M2 Competition will bring a wider front grille which now sits closer to the outer edge of the headlights, painted in black as well. On the lower part of the bumper, a new design of the air curtains will employ sharper angles and more sculpture.

The front grille will have a one piece design instead of the two separate kidneys we’ve become accustomed to. Throughout the entire body, the M2 Competition is slightly wider than the current M2, which simply means that designers and engineers fitted the new M2 Competition with larger fenders.

First units of the BMW M2 Competition will land in customers’ hands in June 2018.