The BMW M2 versus Mercedes-AMG A45 debate is still going strong even though the two should not be technically compared. While the former is a coupe, the latter is a hatch and the differences don’t stop there. We can also list the different engine architectures, drivetrains and even the room you get inside could be quoted in this category. Even so, from a strict, straight line performance point of view, the two are similar.

The lines get blurred mostly because BMW doesn’t have a proper, M-developed, front-wheel drive hatch to go up against the AMG. There’s the M140i but the comparison wouldn’t be fair because the M Performance model is not wholly developed by the Motorsport division. That said, the M2 is the only small car from the Bavarians which can rise up to the challenge.

In a straight line the M2 would have a disadvantage from a standstill. Being a rear-wheel drive mode, when launched the rear wheels could spin, leading to either the tail stepping out or losing some serious traction when setting off. Chip in the fact that the M2 can also be had with a manual gearbox and the difference grows even bigger. Then there’s the power factor to take into consideration as well.

While the A45 AMG may come with a smaller, 2-liter, 4-cylinder engine, it develops more power than the BMW, with its 3-liter straight six engine under the hood. The Bimmer has 370 PS at its disposal along with up to 500 Nm (369 lb-ft) of torque, for short bursts. The Merc on the other hand has 381 PS to play around with. How does that translate in the real life? Let’s check out the video below and find out, shall we?