We have already advanced a lot of information about the new generation of the BMW 3 Series, lost weight and much more technologically advanced than its predecessor, distancing themselves from their competitors, but the character of the 3er model is also measured by its engines offering that we will reveal to you today.

The new BMW 3 Series – which will be officially on sale in March 2019 – will not come with a revolution in the mechanical plane but rather all the propellers are well known, with some improvements in areas of efficiency and performance, as exhibited by the new 5 Series and X2.

Tthe new 3 Series will continue to use the three-cylinder and 1.5-liter TwinPower Turbo versions that are mounted on front-wheel drive models such as the MINI or the new X2. Although many believed that the three 1.5-liter cylinders would be delegated to the front-wheel drive models, the 3 Series will continue to have these powertrains.

We can also confirm that all blocks with TwinPower Turbo technology will have technical improvements such as increased pressure of the injection system (350 bar), the turbo blow pressure (up to 2500 bar) and a particulate filter which will be added in the gasoline versions. The diesel will get the SCR catalytic converter and AdBlue tank.

The new generation G20 of the 3 Series will offer different mechanical combinations in gasoline, diesel and plug-in hybrids, so below the “20i” and “20d” will be blocks of three cylinders and up to the “30i” and “30d” models, included, four-cylinder blocks will be used.

The top range versions, awaiting the arrival of the new generation of the M3, will be the M340i and M340d. Both equipped with a package design from M Performance, the two models will be the only versions of the range that will mount the six cylinders inline block with TwinScroll turbos and 3.0 liters, exclusively with all-wheel drive xDrive, differential M and eight-speed automatic transmission. In the case of diesel M340d, the estimated power will be between 320 and 330 HP, while in the case of the gasoline version, it will rise to 380 HP, a bit more than in the new X3 M40i.

The plug -in hybrid versions will be the 325e and 330e. The 325e version will use the same combination seen in the new MINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL4 and for the second, a four-cylinder block will be used. The power figures will be 230 hp in the 325e and 282 hp, approximately, in the 330e.

BMW will unveil the new 3 Series in October at the 2018 Paris Motor Show.

Although the engines are known in the range – all are offered in the range of BMW models currently – as we have said they will have technical improvements in the offer of the new generation of the 3 Series that will mean small increases in power, torque and performance , but the manufacturer will offer a decaffeinated version of the block of the 320d version for the Efficient Dynamics with a maximum power of 170 HP , as you can see in the following table the power figures of the new range, approximate and pending confirmation.

Preliminary Figures

316d136 hp6-speed manual, 8-speed automaticRWD
318d163 hp6-speed manual, 8-speed autoRWD
320d204 hp6-speed manual, 8-speed autoRWD/xDrive
325d238 hp8-speed autoRWD/xDrive
330d265 hp8-speed autoRWD/xDrive
M340d320-340 hp8-speed autoxDrive
325e iPerformance230 hp8-speedxDrive
330e iPerformance265 hp8-speedxDrive
318i150 hp6-speed manual, 8-speed autoRWD
320i204 hp6-speed manual, 8-speed autoRWD/xDrive
320i Efficient Dynamics170 hp6-speed manual, 8-speed autoRWD
330i265 hp8-speed autoRWD/xDrive
M340i380 hp8-speed autoxDrive

[Source: Motor.es]