When considering buying an older car, one might want to take into account the fact that over years things tend to break down. A while back we told you about a guy who had the courage to buy the cheapest BMW 850i he could get his hands on and today we’re showing you how things are evolving in his garage. Needless to say, our good man turned into a first class sarcastic, probably in order to keep his sanity intact.

The BMW 850i used to come with a V12 and, while the architecture is desirable, it’s also one of the most expensive to maintain or fix, especially if it was abused over the years. Being about 25 years old, this old Coupe was bound to have some issues, even if it wasn’t the cheapest one you could buy on Autotrader. However, considering the near $8,000 price tag, you couldn’t expect NOT to invest some of your own money into bringing it back to decent shape.

The electric part of the car is the one that has seemingly given him the most headaches and prompted his mechanic to say that this BMW is simply ‘unfixable’. The AC compressor doesn’t want to work and the battery just leaves you stranded if you’re not careful, even though it is less than a year old. Therefore things are definitely not easy when it comes to owning a BMW 8 Series from the 1990s.

And yet, in his ironic tone I do think he’s quite happy with owning this car. No matter what the issues under the sheet metal are, that body is still stunning to look at. Yes, your rear passengers will most likely be sitting with their knees to their chest while going for a longer trip but then again, they will be enjoying the smoothness of a V12 while doing so. Isn’t that worth the trouble? I’ll let you guys decide.