I think it’s safe to say that most BMW enthusiasts are looking forward to the next generation of 3 Series. Not that the current F30-gen 3 Series is bad, as it’s a very good daily sport sedan. However, it’s not been the most loved 3 series of all time. The F30 is probably the least pure, least engaging and least exciting 3 Series to drive, which really says something about how great the entire 3 Series model history has been, as the F30 is still a damn good car. It just doesn’t quite meet the lofty standards its predecessors have set. So fans are hoping that this next-gen G20 BMW 3 Series brings the model back up closer to those very standards. And things are looking good.

This new G20 BMW 3 Series was recently caught testing in the snow, yet again (we don’t own the photos but they can be seen here). Being covered in heavy camouflage, we can’t really make out many details of this new 3er. We can see that its new headlights are slimmer and feature twin circles similar to those of the new Z4 (speaking of Z4, side note: There’s a Z4 testing right behind this 3 Series and am I the only one that thinks it’s looking really good?). It also seems to have larger Kidney Grilles that connect a lot more smoothly than the current car.

Out back, this tester has dual exhaust, one pipe flanking either side of the bumper, which leads us to believe that it’s a six-cylinder model. But it doesn’t look like the upcoming BMW M340i so it could be a 330d. The taillights also looks slimmer, much like those found on every other new Bimmer, like the new 5 Series and X3.

We’re very excited to see this new BMW 3 Series when it finally debuts and even more excited to drive it. It will be built on BMW’s new lightweight “CLAR” architecture that will allow it to be lighter, stiffer and more dynamic that the car it replaces. Being that we’ve been impressed by the dynamics of every car built on BMW’s CLAR platform, and they’ve been getting better and better, we expect big things from the G20 3 Series.

[Source: Autocar]