A little while back, we spoke about the BMW 3.0 Si Estate, a very limited-production car developed in a joint venture between BMW of Great Britain and Langley Motors. It was essentially an E3 BMW 3.0 Si sedan that was converted into a wagon. So it still packed a 3.0 liter inline-six engine, a five-speed manual gearbox and four doors, just with a bigger trunk and a long roof. This specific one is the only one left and it really is something special.

The current owner of this car went through a grueling, 14-year restoration with the BMW 3.0 Si Estate. When he first acquired the car, it was in shambles, as shown in this video. There was heavy rust throughout, its interior was torn apart and it even had an automatic gearbox (*gasp*). Now, it looks as if it had just rolled off the showroom floor and almost every single bolt on it is brand-new. Everything has been completely restored using OE parts, so it’s restored but not really modified. The only real modification was the switch from automatic to manual.

On the outside, all of the rust was repaired perfectly and it’s been painted in Polaris Silver, which is a color that just looks right on the E3. Its exterior looks perfect. On the inside, all of the interior has been reupholstered, including new blue leather, blue and brown carpets and new wood veneers. It looks fantastic and seems to be Concours-ready.

This is the sort of car that any collector would kill to have, a true one-off car that’s a genuine piece of BMW GB’s history. So not only is it just awesome to have an E3 BMW 3.0 Si wagon but to have the only known one left in the world is pretty special. If this does go to a Concours, it will be a star. It’s currently listed for sale on Piston Heads for £79,995.