While at the 24 hours race in Daytona, BMW M CEO Frank Van Meel spoke to BMWBLOG on the future of the M brand and how the electrification seen in the automotive industry is shaping up the M brand and its products. Van Meel mentioned in the past the possibility of an M electric car in the future, but one assisted by an electric motor rather than a full EV.

The M boss says that there is no timeline yet for a fully electric M sports car since the project relies on the development of EV components, e.g battery packs. But before an emission-zero M, the BMW division in Garching says an intermediate step is necessary. To help bridge the gap between the M Division’s current range of vehicles and a fully electric model, hybrid powertrains will be first introduced to the M lineup.

The priority of a hybrid M car will be to increase performance, rather than fuel efficiency. BMW M has always said that it will use whatever technology possible to deliver on their driving performance standards, so long as it’s able to retain its signature handling characteristics.

Electrification is no different.

So won’t be surprised if in the next decade an “iM” badge will be found on your next sportscar.