The BMW 540i is currently the sole model in BMW’s new 5 Series range to come with a straight six cylinder engine under the hood. It’s a rather big change compared to what we’ve been getting used to in the past, when cars wearing the blue and white roundel on the hood used to come with engines using this architecture in all sorts of shapes and sizes. And yet the 540i is one hell of a car, offering the perfect blend of performance and comfort for all tastes.

Some might be looking for more performance though and they might prefer a tone that’s a bit more aggressive. For them BMW is offering the M Performance catalogue which is decked with M Performance parts for an enhanced experience. If you prefer to go through the tuning offers on the table from various manufacturers, you can also choose a respectable tuner with some serious experience in the field. AC Schnitzer is one of those names.

Capture 1 830x436The Germans have recently published a video showcasing what they call an ‘export silencer’ for the 540i. The part is actually a rear muffler for the 5 Series that completely changes its tune, making it sound deeper and meaner in both Comfort and Sport modes. It works with the standard flaps on the car and it seems to be a plug and play device even though some changes might be needed on the rear bumper to accommodate the new quad tailpipe format.

The car in the footage below is also sporting an AC Schnitzer diffuser as well as a spoiler on top of the boot lid. As far as performance improvements go, AC Schnitzer didn’t disclose some exact HP and torque gains but the German tuner does claim it will reduce back-pressure and improve the gas flow from the engine bay towards the back, thus improving the pedal response.