2018 Detroit Auto Show: Ford Mustang Bullitt

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There aren’t many cars more famous than the Ford Mustang Bullitt. Made for the movie “Bullitt”, featuring Steve McQueen, the Bullitt Mustang is one of …

There aren’t many cars more famous than the Ford Mustang Bullitt. Made for the movie “Bullitt”, featuring Steve McQueen, the Bullitt Mustang is one of the most iconic film cars of all time and easily one of the coolest. Wearing a dark green paint job, black wheels and not a single “Ford” badge anywhere one the body, the Bullitt Mustang was just icy cool. It also had the benefit of being driven by The Man himself, Mr. McQueen. Since that ’60s movie, Ford has recreated some versions of the iconic original but none have really captured the magic of how cool that ’60s ‘Stang was. Now, though, Ford may have just done it right.

Debuting at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show, the 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt pays homage to that original car more faithfully than any other recreation before it. Wearing Highland Green paint, black wheels and only a crosshair “Bullitt” badge on the back, this new Mustang looks great. It certainly look the part. On the inside, it gets black Recaro seats with contrast green stitching and the classic white cue ball shift knob.

2018 Detroid Auto Show Audi A7 7530 830x553

Under the hood lies the same 5.0 liter naturally-aspirated V8 that you get in the Mustang GT, except it’s been bumped up to 475 hp, while torque stays at 420 lb-ft. That’s a pretty hefty amount of power, especially considering its price. Its expected to sell for a few thousand dollars more than the Mustang GT’s $43,990. So even if it sells for $50,000, that’s still more power than a BMW M4 Competition Package at almost $20,000 less, after options. And the Ford Mustang Bullitt comes pretty loaded as-standard, so there aren’t many options that need to be fitted.

It also gets the Mustang’s Performance Package as standard equipment. That brings six-piston Brembo brakes, a Torsen limited-slip differential and larger anti-roll bars. There’s also some additional cooling for that free-breathing V8.

Considering how cool this car looks, how much character it has and how much performance it has for the price, it’s hard to argue against its value. The new Mustang was already a great value but this new Bullitt version not only adds more power and performance but also more character. For about an entire Volkswagen Golf less than the BMW M4 Comp Pack, you can have a free-breathing V8 with a six-speed manual that’s also a recreation of a famous Steve McQueen movie car.

12 responses to “2018 Detroit Auto Show: Ford Mustang Bullitt”

  1. disqus_cbgCfOGfNu says:

    Bull**it! When is Porsche unveiling their commemorative Paul Walker Carrera GT?

    • Yes, because Paul Walker died in a Carrera GT. How edgy and clever you are. Real mature.

      • disqus_cbgCfOGfNu says:

        Which was a huge, unnecessary tragedy (have you seen the video of Leno losing it in a Carrera, fortunately on a track). This Ford marketing effort has NOTHING to do with the original, nor McQueen, who also died prematurely (from cancer). When McQueen made his own race movie he drove a Porsche, I hope his heirs are getting royalties from Ford for this. I’m not edgy, I’m angry. Exploitative. One thing for a fan to do a tribute, corporate strictly for profit.

        • This Bullitt Mustang is a recreation of a car featured in a movie that McQueen was in and its a car that had literally nothing to do with his death. He died years after Bullitt was released, as you already mentioned from cancer. This is not exploitation of McQueen nor is it insensitive to his death in any way. If anything, it’s honoring one of the more iconic characters of McQueen’s career. Comparing this to Porsche making a “Paul Walker Edition” is wildly misguided.

          • disqus_cbgCfOGfNu says:

            Not the first time I’ve seen McQueen’s name used to sell a car (NART Ferrari?) and I hope his heirs benefit as well. The whole dead celebrity for profit industry weirds me out so I’m probably irrational on the subject – I love TCM but now they’re using Hitchcock’s name to sell wine. Have Ford sold an Eleanor? Assume they could do that without using anyone’s name. If Ford has paid for the use of McQueen’s name,is then good for them & none of my business (literally). My Walker jab was just that – think Porsche have already settled with his survivors. I hate marketing.

          • John says:

            Your silly comments make me sick.

            Nico, just ignore this weirdo.

          • disqus_cbgCfOGfNu says:

            You were already sick.

        • bmw driver says:

          “Comparing this to Porsche making a “Paul Walker Edition” is wildly misguided.”

          But sadly entirely in character for this guy. He seems to exist only to take all the umbrage available at any manufacturer other than BMW existing, and to become hilariously upset when anyone criticises BMW in any way. The worst thing is, he’s mature aged, it’s one thing to behave like this when you’re 12, but he’s got to be over 55 and still behaves like this. Each to their own, but maybe it’s time to try some live and let live?

          • dat1nooblol says:

            BMW was not mentioned in any way by him… he is not salty, you are.

          • bmw driver says:

            Way to not read my comment champ. What do I have to be ‘salty’ about anyway? See what happens when you just pick up a word and use it without understanding it in your eagerness to get your hate on?

          • disqus_cbgCfOGfNu says:

            Excellent advice you should try following.

  2. ZeroCold says:

    I like all aspects of this car except the rear end: Back-up light in the middle of the diffuser? and the BIG Bullitt badge.

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