Taking special delivery of a special car has to be fun. Just ask our own Horatiu who took European Delivery of his BMW 1 Series M. The next best thing for Americans is to take delivery of your BMW M car at the Spartanburg, South Carolina plant, where BMW’s M Performance Center is. There, you can have some real fun. As evidenced by this video showing off an owner taking delivery of his Individual Speed Yellow BMW M3.

Before we get into that, how good does the BMW M3 look in Speed Yellow? With the black contrast trim pieces and lower front lip, it sort of reminds me of a Dakar Yellow E36 M3, which is a superb compliment. It’s also nice to see some Individual M3s, with so many being ordered in boring colors, like black.

But back to the video of the delivery. BMW is nice enough to put you up in a hotel and feed you nice food before the day of actually getting your car. It’s the sort of hospitality that comes with any special delivery.

Once you get to the M Performance Center, BMW’s in-house driver Matt Mullins gives you a bit of a run in an M3 on their track. And let’s just say the car isn’t pointing forward all that often. Instead, you’re mostly looking at the track ahead through the side window, as Mullins likes to get sideways and do big slides. Especially in the rain. Having personally ridden along with Mullins, I can attest to how fun that can be.

After that, though, you finally get your car and that has to be a great feeling. It also gives you more of an attachment to your car, as just taking delivery of it was an adventure. It’s something anyone who’s buying a new BMW should do at least once in their life, as it’s worth the experience. Or, at least I’m told.