The new year is upon us. In only a handful of days the year 2017 will be behind us, for better or worse. It’s been an interesting year with some crazy developments, in all areas of of our lives. However, we’re not here to talk about any of that or get into some sort international-political conversation. Instead, we’re going to look back on 2017 in terms of cars. More specifically, cars you’ve driven.

We have a good job, here at BMWBLOG, as it allows us to drive some really cool cars. Sometimes it’s hard to pick a favorite but we’ll soldier on. So I’ll tell you the best car I drove in 2017 and then you can let us know what yours was.

There were some good ones for me this year, personally, and for BMWBLOG. Personally, though, it’s tough to pick a favorite. Back in February, I drove the brand-new G30-gen BMW 540i through San Francisco and Napa Valley. That was a real treat. Maybe it was the scenery or maybe it was the wine but that was one of my more enjoyable experiences of the year. Though, not my favorite.

I also had the immense pleasure of driving a Rolls Royce Wraith Black Badge from New Jersey to Connecticut to attend a concours event. That was incredible and that Roller redefined my view on luxury and opulence. Still, the drive was rather short so I didn’t really get to know the car, therefore it can’t be my favorite.

Littered throughout the year were some great cars, such as the BMW M2 M Performance, the BMW X3 M40i and even the MINI Countryman E. However, the best car I drove in 2017, and it’s really not even close, was the Alfa Romoe Giulia Quadrifoglio.

During my all-too-brief time with the Alfa, there were some things that really annoyed me. Some interior bits were abhorrently assembled, its back seats were cramped and uncomfortable and the technology was lackluster at best. However, I set off in the go-fast Giulia, none of those aforementioned complaints mattered. In fact, they completely left my mind.

Just walking up to the Alfa is an experience, as its stunning design and gorgeous curves are like nothing else on the road and it’s just so lovely seeing a brand-new Alfa Romeo in America. But thumbing the steering wheel-mounted starter button (a la Ferrari) completely envelopes you in the spirit of the Alfa. The 2.9 liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine roars to life with a noise that only an Italian sports car can make. It also packs 505 hp, which helps it rocket to 60 mph in under four seconds and it feels like it runs on double cream, rather than gasoline.

But the best part about the Alfa, by far, is its chassis. Everything about the way that Giulia moves is magic. It rides impeccably, its dynamics are better than anything else in the class and its steering is so sweet you’d think you were driving an E46.

All of that wrapped up in its gorgeous design and Italian flare creates an intoxicating combination. Sure, it’s flawed, heavily so. But its attributes far outweigh those flaws and it was the most exciting, interesting and enjoyable car I drove all year. It was also my first Alfa and I’m Italian, so maybe I’m just a bit smitten.