Despite being relatively old now, the E46 3 Series is actually a pretty safe car. I remember a story a few  years back of a women and her child being in a horrific crash and survived thanks to the structural integrity of the E46. However, it’s not good enough to withstand the might of a wrecking ball, obviously. So want to see what happens when a wrecking ball meets an E46 3 Series Convertible?

Firstly, who doesn’t love watching things get destroyed in slow motion? It’s awesome and it’s the entire point of this video, where these two guys smash cars with a wrecking ball and then play it back in slow motion. It’s awesome.

After swinging the wrecking ball into a few different cars, including an old Buick and a Honda Element, they decided to just drop the ball onto the E46 3 Series from 115 feet in the air. That means that, by the time the wrecking ball hits the Bimmer, it’s traveling at 60 mph. That’s fast, especially considering that it weighs at least 1,000 lbs.

So what happens when the ball hits the Bimmer? well, it basically goes right through it like butter. In real time, it almost looks like the ball bounces off the ground, through the BMW, as if it just went right through it, into the ground and back up. It’s quite fun to watch. In slow motion, it’s even better, watching all the bits of metal crumple and the glass slowly shatter.

Although, it is sad to see any E46 3 Series die, even if it is the unloved convertible model. The E46 3 Series is one of the best small sports cars of all time and it’s sad to see one get squashed. That sadness is fleeting though, as the desire to watch more violent destruction takes over. Mwahaha.