If you’re a fan of the fantastic trio who made the Top Gear phenomenon what it is today, you are probably following their new show, The Grand Tour. If that’s the case, then you already know that their old test driver, otherwise known as ‘The American’ will not be joining them for the second season. That also means they had to hold tryouts for a new driver and James’ candidate showed up at the starting line aboard a BMW M4 CS.

The car which has been dubbed ‘the best BMW M4 you can get’ was given to the man, to allow him to set a decent lap time and be competitive compared to the other candidates. The thing is, as it’s usually the case, the other two weren’t great either. First up was Ex-F1 driver Mark Webber who is now a test driver for Porsche. Brought in by Jeremy, he posted a blazing fast lap time aboard a Porsche and then took the Mercedes-AMG GT R around the track but the second run went considerably different.

Then came Richard’s turn and he decided to go for a stunt driver. His choice was quite fast around a couple of corners before simply jumping over a couple of cars and ending up inside a shed, in typical stunt driver style. Needless to say he won’t be coming back. Now, it was time for James to bring his favorite to the track and show the others how it’s done. The car he chose was perfect but then again maybe the man wasn’t a good fit.

As he explains, the person in question was ‘the quickest man on his estate’ and that’s why he became a car thief in the first place. That should put all discussions to rest, right? Well, the thing is… old habits die hard and it seems like this car thief isn’t exactly done with his old ways.