The new BMW X3 has been getting glowing reviews from the media, regardless of the engine found under the hood. The top of the range model right now is the M40i version which, by all accounts, is worthy of the M Performance badges stuck on it and that can only make us more curious about how good the full-on X3 M will be once it comes out. In the meantime though, we’ll ‘have to make due’ with the M40i and its 360 HP.

The car was recently spotted out on public roads, scaring people traveling on Germany’s famous Autobahn network of highways. The SUV was even caught on camera being pushed towards its top speed a number of times by an avid fan of the brand. The footage was then, of course, uploaded online and discussions emerged regarding the performance of the car. Judging by the video posted below, it looks like the BMW X3 M40i can definitely reach the claimed speeds listed in its spec sheet.

According to the aforementioned sheet, the car will do 60 mph from standstill in 4.6 seconds but a recent test done by Car and Driver found the car to be even faster at 4.4 seconds. The same test showed that it will go from 50 to 70 mph in 3.4 seconds while the 1/4 mile is covered in 13 seconds flat with a trap speed of 105 mph. Those are some seriously good numbers and paint a picture that makes us want to own one such beast even more.

The footage posted below will also offer a hint of what it must feel like to live in Germany near an unrestricted Autobahn. Cruising around at speeds in excess of 124 mph whenever you want in what looks like absolute safety without having to worry about the cops could make you want to move to Europe so be sure to watch the video keeping that in mind.