This is a bit of an odd battle. In one corner, we have a 600 hp, V12-powered Bavarian heavyweight and in the other corner, we have a posh Passat. Not much of a fair test, is it? No but it’s fun and that’s all that matters. So let’s see how the BMW M760Li takes on the Skoda Superb 280.

In this video, both cars go through a few different tests to see which is the better car. Now, this car is knowingly absurd. It’s not supposed to be a serious test to realistically compare them. It’s just for fun.

First up is a drag race. The BMW M760Li has a 6.6 liter twin-turbocharged V12 with 600 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque. The Skoda Superb 280? It has 280 hp. Though, they’re both all-wheel drive and the Skoda is lighter. So can it keep up with the big Bimmer? Of course not. But it’s funny to see the race from the back seat of the Skoda, where Mat Watson sits.

Next up is a rolling race where the Bimmer stays at a set speed while the Skoda flies past it, then see if the Bimmer can catch up and win. It doesn’t but it gets really, really close.

After that, Watson tests both the decibel level and the vibration level of each car. Considering that the BMW M760Li is a genuine luxury car and the Skoda Superb is basically a Volkswagen Passat, this one is pretty predictable as well. In terms of vibrations, the Skoda registered a 6.7 on the vibration meter. The BMW M760Li did a 3.8. So a lot less vibration in the Bimmer. It was also quite a bit quieter, of course.

The Bimmer ends up winning the test, which it should as it costs as much as about a million Skodas. So it better win the test. Still, it’s fun to see.