The BMW M2 is one of the best-sounding stock M Division products, thanks to its N55 engine. Rather than the BMW M3 or M4, with their S55 engine, the M2’s N55 engine sounds great. However, it isn’t very loud nor is it very extreme. Which is actually why many enthusiasts like it so much. But that causes many owners to want something a bit more exciting and extreme. For those owners, BMW’s M Performance exhaust is actually one of the best possible options.

In this video from AutoTopNL, we get a good listen to the M Performance exhaust upgrade. It’s a two-stage, electronically-controlled exhaust that comes with a little button to switch from closed valves to open valves. We get to hear both in this video.

We actually tested an M2 with the same exhaust option ourselves and it’s certainly a good choice for anyone who wants something with more bark. With the valves closed, it’s still loud. Not crazy but it’s loud enough to be exciting. With the valves open, it’s almost obnoxiously loud. You can’t tell from this video but cold start with the exhaust valves open is wake-the-neighborhood loud.

It sounds great from inside the car, though, valves open or closed. What’s nice is the ability to switch on the fly with the button that it comes with while driving. So you can be a hooligan if you want but then close the valves when the fuzz rolls around.

We’re big fans of M Performance parts and the exhaust upgrade is one of the better bits from them. The only other exhaust upgrade we’d suggest for the M2 is Akrapovic. Though, in a back-to-back comparison we actually preferred the M Performance exhaust. Plus, the M Performance exhaust is installed by BMW and doesn’t change the factory warranty. So that’s a big plus. Check it out.