BMW created Rolls Royce Motor Cars as a subsidiary in 1998, which isn’t all that long ago. So the classic Rolls Royces that you might think of weren’t made under BMW’s watch. However, there’s too much history for Rolls Royce for it to be forgotten. So even something like a 1958 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud, despite being built far before the BMW/Rolls Royce connection, is still important to us as BMW enthusiasts. Especially this Icon Rolls Royce Silver Cloud Derelict.

If you aren’t familiar with ICON, it’s a small brand that specializes in rebuilding and customizing old cars. Their “Derelict” line consists of old cars that completely hide the work that’s been done. So the car will be comprehensively modified, with new chassis components, suspension, engine transmission, brakes and basically every single mechanical component, yet look completely original. And by original, that means rust, patina and everything else that comes with age. The interior will be redone and reupholstered but look original. Basically, ICON Derelict cars are awesome and the latest Rolls Royce Silver Cloud might be the best of all of the Derelicts.

In this new episode of Jay Leno’s garage, we get to take a look at all of the work ICON did, including the chassis, engine and interior work. It’s really impressive, as it looks exactly as it would have had ICON never touched it but it’s almost entirely new underneath the skin. Only some bits of the chassis remain, as everything else has been modified or completely replaced and, in some cases, completely re-engineered.

What’s even more impressive is how well it seems to drive. Under the hood lies a 550 hp Chevy LS7 V8 engine, mated to an automatic gearbox, which sounds like a proper V8 and seems to to go like hell. Which is a bit odd to see and hear from such a classic old Rolls. Yet, it seems to make perfect sense. It also steers and handles well, thanks to its new suspension and steering rack. What’s interesting is that ICON is toying with using BMW steering racks in future, though didn’t use one on this Rolls.

I’ve always been a big fan of ICON and all of their brilliant cars. Yet this is their best work yet.