BMW might be finally ready to show the world what they have been working on for the last 12 months. At its testing facility in Nurburg, Germany, a potential BMW M2 GTS prototype was spotted featuring some of the design elements specific to a GTS or CSL car.

The test mule still has most of its front fascia covered, but even the plastic panels and camo wrap cannot hide a far more aggressive front-end design compared to the regular M2 Coupe or the upcoming M2 Competition. In the back, we can spot a massive rear wing which once again it’s specific to a more track-oriented GTS or CSL car.

Inside the cabin we can spot a set of front seats which seem be identical to those in the M3/M4 cars.

Packing a variant of the S55 engine in the current BMW M3/M4, the BMW M2 GTS is rumored to develop around 450 hp. An anonymous source on German car forum 2ertalk says that the BMW M2 GTS is scheduled to go in production in March 2019, in a limited run of around 1,000 units. No word on torque but it could be around the same 406 lb-ft as in the M3/M4.

Inside, like any respectable road legal sports car, the M2 GTS is rumored to feature a roll cage, an M Performance Steering wheel adorned with carbon fiber and alcantara, and a center console and dashboard dressed up in carbon fiber as well.

At the 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show, BMW CEO Frank van Meel, said that the GTS moniker will be retired the iconic CSL will take its place. “The CSL name will be the most hardcore and track-ready cars in the M lineup. “CSL [will be] the top-of-the-line track tool, made on the track for the track, just with a number plate,” Van Meel told Road & Track.

So the rumored M2 GTS might end up being sold as the M2 CSL in the end.