The BMW M2 is definitely the best bang for your buck car you can get out of the entire Bavarian line-up these days. The popular Coupe recently received a well-deserved facelift and now looks even better. However, up until yesterday, if you wanted to build your own combination on BMW’s USA website you were met with the usual Error 404 page subliminally telling you to be patient and wait a little longer. Well, that wait is over as the configurator is now online.

The new BMW M2 does bring a few noticeable changes to the table. From the outside you’ll immediately recognize the taillights and their new L-shaped design as one of the defining changes. That’s because while the front end was also introduced with a different look when the LCI came out, only the cars fitted with the optional LED headlamps also get the hexagonal corona rings around them. Otherwise, the updated M2 looks the same when viewed from the front.

Inside the cabin you’ll find the instrument display for speedometer and the speedometer itself have a new design. The previous dials are replaced by a display in the black panel design, which can also be found in a similar form on the refreshed 1 Series. Other than that, the iDrive system gets upgraded as well, following the rest of the range, the new iDrive 6.0 version featuring six classic menus to choose from on the touch screen. The order of the six tiles can be changed according to the customer’s preferences. The display of the tiles is already fed in the main menu with live info, so even without selecting the appropriate menu item, first information on the weather at the destination, the current position, the music being played and many other details can be read.

On the performance front, things remained unchanged, the same 3-liter upgraded N55 mill powering the beast. With 365 HP and up to 369 lb-ft (500 Nm) of torque thanks to overboost, the LCI M2 can reach 62 mph from standstill in the same 4.3 or 4.5 seconds, depending on whether you change your own gears or use a 7-speed DCT gearbox. The starting price for the 2018 BMW M2 is $53,500 MSRP.