The BMW i8 has been reviewed so many times, the novelty factor has been considerably diluted. Even so, whenever I see one in traffic I react because it is simply stunning to look at and that’s still true even though I’ve had the chance of driving one on a number of occasions. But leaving its looks aside, the BMW i8 is also noteworthy because of its technology and what it represents at this point in the auto industry’s timeline.

At the moment, it’s a car like no other out there, even though a couple of years have passed already since it was launched. Sure, there are other hybrids out there that are faster and just as impressive in terms of technology but they are reserved for the hypercar territory and are way too expensive still. That is if you can get one as the Porsche 918 Spyder, Ferrari LaFerrari and McLaren P1 are all limited-run models.

Crystal White BMW i8 830x364

Leaving those aside, the BMW i8 comes with a fraction of their price tag and yet, it is just as impressive on the tech front. It has an internal combustion engine, an electric motor, it’s all-wheel drive and looks like it came straight from the future. Its small ICE and the materials used in its construction prove that BMW wanted this to be a statement about where the industry is heading and they succeeded.

This is basically what impresses the most in the end and the guys from AutoGuide who filmed this review focused exactly on that. This is the type of car that can be restricted and eco-friendly in city centers while also providing plenty of thrills on the highway or the track if you so desire. It may very well be a perfect mix but since there’s no such thing as a perfect car out there just yet, we might have to also take in the down sides, explained in the video, below.

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