MINI seems to be on a roll currently, launching a variety of special edition models across the world. Earlier today we saw the MINI 1499 GT model which is available for the UK market alone for a limited time. Now we’re turning our attention to the French market where there’s a new special hardtop for the MINI connoisseur. The MINI Blackfriars hardtop will be available in either three or five door formats up until the end of December.

As you probably guessed, the Blackfriars MINI is inspired by the famous Dominican monks that used to reside in London. Since they wore all black clothing, the theme of the car couldn’t be anything else but black. The B and C pillars are done in matte black while the turn signals are also done in the same theme. There are Blackfriars badges thrown on the front fenders as well, to point out the rare character of the cars, while the 17″ wheels are also wearing black accents.

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The Blackfriars edition comes with a leather and fabric combination inside while a panoramic sunroof completes the package. Just like on the outside, the interior also features a Blackfriars badge to remind occupants they are sitting in a special model. Those interested in it can only go for lower trim models like the One, Cooper, One D and Cooper D versions. Therefore, the most powerful model you can get has 136 HP.

All these new models are basically a swansong for the current model as the Oxford peeps are already working on a facelift for the Hardtop. The car is expected to be launched next year with a couple of small upgrades and tweaks in essential areas. The front and rear ends will get small visual changes while inside the cabin customers will most likely enjoy new commodities like a touch sensitive screen for the infotainment system and other novelties.