Rolls Royce likes to claim that the Phantom is the best car in the world. While such a title simply cannot actually exist, it’s hard to argue with the folks from Goodwood. This new eight-gen Rolls Royce Phantom is quite possibly the most impressive luxury car the world has ever seen. It’s astonishing. We’ve seen it in photographs, seen videos of it and we’ve even seen it in person. However, drives of the new Phantom are just starting to trickle out. Auto Express is one of the recent publications that was able to test the latest Roller. So is it as good as Rolls Royce claims it to be?

From the outside, you might think that Rolls phoned this design in, at first glance. Just at a quick glance, it doesn’t seem all that different from the car it replaces. However, a closer look reveals that Rolls Royce actually upgraded a changed the Phantom’s looks in almost every single way, subtly and tastefully. It’s also based on an entirely new, bespoke chassis, developed by Rolls Royce. So it’s no longer limited to the old BMW 7 Series chassis’ restrictions.

New Rolls Royce Phantom 26 830x553

On the inside, though, the Phantom is ahead of everything else on the market. The cabin is simply stunning, with the richest leather, lambswool carpets and even an art gallery in the dash. The latter is a glass-covered display that shows off bespoke artwork commissioned by the customer. It’s a wonderful cabin, filled with the most impressive luxury on the automotive market.

But we already knew all of that. We’ve already covered the new Phantom’s exterior and interior extensively. What we didn’t know until recently was how the new Phantom drives. Is it every bit as luxurious and wonderful to drive as it is to look at and sit in?

According to Auto Express, yes. “Air suspension and active roll management are also included, all calibrated for ultimate comfort. It delivers that in spades, vying for ‘most comfortable car on the road’ honours. Not only does it absorb speed bumps and railroad crossings with aplomb, the active roll system prevents unseemly lurching of the body through the corners.” said AE, in a recent review.

New Rolls Royce Phantom 24 830x553

We can’t wait to get our hands on the new Phantom. It seems as if it does live up to the incredibly high expectations of being the best car in the world.

[Source: Auto Express]