The BMW 8 Series Concept has been hailed by many as one of the best concepts launched in recent years by the Germans, a proper tribute to the original. It is, without a doubt a looker and its designer is a young man by the name of John Buckingham. He’s actually so young that he grew up with posters of the original 8 Series on his walls and even had a small model car of a red BMW 850CSi to inspire him.

And while all that points exactly to how and why the 8 Series Concept came out as it did, watching the man himself between the two, giggling with excitement, speaks about the passion  in his veins. That’s exactly what’s happening in the video below, albeit a bit longer than one would expect. Over the course of about 10 minutes we get to see, among other things, the man’s reaction to seeing a beautifully preserved E31 after a long hiatus, the car being his childhood hero according to him.

It may seem a bit outlandish to some people but that’s actually how a lot of us feel about a lot of cars. The 8 Series is one of those models that inspired whole generations of kids, to follow their dreams and do what they love, with its engines but more so with its design. Even today, the original 8er looks modern and breathtaking, especially when you check it out from the sides with the windows rolled down with the B-Pillar missing.

It’s also interesting to hear the man talk about his creation and explain what he was thinking when he penned it. Offering insight into why the headlights are so slim and why the grilles are so big in comparison while also explaining the raised waistline at the back, is something that needs to be heard, especially by the naysayers.

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