One of our readers was invited this past weekend at a private and exclusive event hosted by BMW BeLux where BMW offered customers the privilege to see some of their future models. Some of those exclusive models where the new X2 SUV and i8 Roadster, both cars due to be unveiled this Fall.

Here is a summary:

  • X3 with M packs and 21″ rims
  • X2 World Premiere. That car looks stunning an very interesting! The logos on the C-frame (side) really work well as a hommage to an old BMW. Looked like the yellow from the M3, but then not entirely. Very sporty, nice lines. WP january 2018. This one is spot on, with badge:
  • 6 GT with M Packs.
  • Stealth: A 6 GC, 5 Berline, X5 with M packs, almost all black except the rims. Available in limited edition Frozen Black and Frozen Grey
  • M-Power: M3 ‘regular’, M4 CS with a lot of carbon (even hood and interior), alu lightweight rims and OLED backlights. If I got it right, only 10 will be produced. The one we saw was in Estoril. X2 and X5 and in the center the new M5 in the only 100 red color. Not so sure about that one IRL.
  • i8 Myth edition. 5 I8’s in unique colors. Only 5 in the world. 4 shown, one sold already. If I remember correctly: British Racing Green, Frozen Silver, Carbon Black
  • And the point final: The i8 Roadster! OMG, that’s a nice looking ride. Of course no back seats, but they filled that with the retracting top which folds (it’s cloth) and disappears in 14 seconds up to 60 km/h. It had the color Electric Copper. It holds double the batteries as the i8 and range has been even more extended. No more details.