I’m not sure if I know of a single gearhead that doesn’t love poking around fun car configurators to build dream cars they can’t afford. I do it probably more than I should and it might be getting sad. But I digress. If you’re a fan of doing so as well, the online car configurator for the brand-new BMW M5 has just gone live on the brand’s German site. So let’s check it out.

The first thing you get to do is to do a little 360-degree look at the new M5, which is sort of fun. It allows you to get a good look at the car from all angles and that will help pick colors and options later on. Normally, the next step in BMW’s configurator would be where you pick out the engine and transmission. However, there are no options for the M5. The only choice is the 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged V8 with 600 hp, an eight-speed auto and BMW M’s new xDrive all-wheel drive system. Shame, really.

Now, it’s the fun part — choosing colors. BMW M cars have a long history of offering cool color options. The new F90-gen BMW M5 is no different. There are actually more intersting colors than I thought there would be. For instance, you can get your BMW M5 painted in Snapper Rocks Blue or Marina Bay Blue Metallic. While we’ve seen the Marina Bay Blue in all the press photos, Snapper Rocks Blue is interesting on the M5. My personal favorite, though, and the one I chose, was Donington Grey. I like my M5s to be a bit more subtle and Donington Grey offers a really great subdued look. Bluestone Metallic is nice, too.

As for the wheels, I chose the Style 706M 20-inchers in Jet Black. I think they look the best of all three choices and they make the M5 look really aggressive. The Bi-color variant of them, with some silver in there, don’t look as good to me but I’m not necessarily a style guru, now am I? As for the Style 705M wheels, I don’t like them at all but they are an inch smaller so someone who lives in an area with really rough roads might appreciate the larger sidewall.

On the inside, I went with the standard black leather because I’m cheap and boring. But also because, of all the color options, black looks best with the Donington Grey paint. As for the trim, I went with the aluminum and carbon fiber combo, which looks best with the black leather. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of carbon fiber in car interiors, as it just looks a bit cheesy to me (It’s not actually saving any weight, who are you kidding, car companies? Those seats weigh more than I do. Give me real wood or real metal. No baked plastic composites, please. End of rant).


After that, I stopped caring because all I care about in an M5 is its engine, chassis and looks. Every other option is superfluous. However, if you like toys, the M5 has many, many optional ones. So there are quite a few to choose from.

Personally, I could spend hours configuring awesome cars like the M5. But if I don’t put pants on and actually contribute something to the world today, I may fall into a deep depression.

[Source: BMW]