If you want to find an expensive, exotic or luxurious car painted in an unusual color or finished in an interesting way, Abu Dhabi is always the place to look. There are some funky cars there. One of which is this BMW M760Li xDrive which has been painted in Rallye Green and its, uh….well, it’s interesting.

This specific green is actually the work of BMW’s Individual program, so it’s not some shoddy paint job or a wrap. It’s the real deal. While it may not be for you, as it isn’t necessarily for me, it’s certainly different and eye-catching. So if that’s what you’re after, check this car out. It does liven up a rather staid looking car, though, which is one of the good things about this Shrek-colored M760Li. With a 600 hp twin-turbo V12, it should look a bit exciting and the standard car is a bit “bleh”. So this makes it stand out a bit more.

What’s even better is the fact that it’s been fitted with the front bumper and rear spoiler of an ALPINA B7, which actually looks really good. At first, I thought my eyes were tricking me. My eyes were telling me it was a B7 but I knew I read that it was an M760Li. After looking at it for awhile, I really like the way it looks and all 7 Series buyers should ALPINA-fy their car. It looks damn good.

Inside, it gets Ivory leather, which is a huge contrast to the bright green paint. However, aside from its retina-searing contrast, it’s a pretty standard 7 Series cabin. Still, it looks good and it’s lovely place to sit.

Personally, I don’t like the color. It’s too…green. However, I do like that it’s different and weird because different and weird is good. It shakes up the BMW M760Li a bit, giving it more character. If this car is for you, you know where to find it.

[Source: Car Scoops]