The fastest diesel in the world is the highlight of ALPINA at the 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show. With its top speed of 286 km/h, the new BMW ALPINA D5 S surpasses all other diesel cars produced in series in the world and brings another record to Buchloe.

Within the framework of the world debut at the I2017 AA, ALPINA also provided a clarification on the engine. The new variant of the BMW B57 engine has three turbochargers – Two high-pressure and one low-pressure turbo, a configuration used so far in no BMW series. The ALPINA Triturbo diesel is not related to the “old” N57 Triturbo diesel from BMW M Performance and it could be better described as a turbocharger version of the new BMW Quad-turbo diesel.

The Triturbo diesel B57 developed by ALPINA delivers in the left-hand drive version to 388 hp and a maximum torque of 800 Newtonmeter. The right-hand drive variant is significantly weaker with 326 hp and remain in the range of the ordinary 540d than the M550d with quadturbo diesel, which is expected by many German customers as the most important rival of the D5 S.

With a sprint time of 4.4 seconds at 100 km/h, the BMW ALPINA D5 S is in the same league as many BMW M cars. The standard four-wheel drive on xDrive basis is just as helpful as the Buchloe-modified eight-speed automatic transmission from ZF. Of course, ALPINA also equips the new diesel with a specially tuned chassis.

The prices for the new BMW ALPINA D5 S start at 87,900 euros for the G30 limousine, the more practical and therefore even more versatile BMW ALPINA D5 S Touring G31 is available from 90,400 euros. The Touring has also slightly higher weight and poorer aerodynamics ensure and goes to 4.6 seconds from 0 to 100 as well as 283 km/h top speed.

[Photos: John Hietter]