The BMW i3 isn’t a car without controversy. From its looks, to the fact that it has less range than its competitors, to the fact that it’s an electric hatchback from BMW, the i3 is a car that you either love or hate. It’s quite the polarizing car. But is it the ugliest car in the US?

In this new video from Nick Murray, he asks the question, “What’s the ugliest car in the US?”. He goes though quite a few brands, picking out their worst cars, finally settling on a winner (or loser?). For instance, he talks about both Mercedes-Benz and Infiniti, two high-end luxury brands who make some shockingly ugly cars. In the Mercedes lineup, there are a couple of real trolls, such as the GLC Coupe and the CLA-Class, both of which should have been locked in a dungeon. Infiniti actually has more ugly cars than pretty cars at the moment, with all of them being so bulbous and lumpy, they look like trash bags filled with mashed potatoes.

But what about BMW? Well, Murray notes that BMW is actually making a lot of pretty cars at the moment and he’s right. The new 8 Series Concept is going to be a stunner and the upcoming Z4 should kill it as well. Though, the Bavarians aren’t without their design missteps. For instance, Murray mentions the 3 Series Gran Turismo and the X6 as two cars BMW seriously misfired on. Though, the BMW he names most ugly is the little i3. He says it looks like “A Barbie doll that’s been down the waste disposal”.

The BMW i3 is not a pretty car and it never has been. Although, I’ve always kind of thought that it’s so ugly that it’s cute, sort of like pugs. But calling it ugly is a bit unfair, as it’s supposed to look weird and futuristic and eye-catching. It’s not supposed to be pretty or conventional. So I disagree with Murray, there. I one hundred-percent agree on the 3 Series Gran Turismo, as that’s basically Quasimodo with a couple of roundels and I feel it’s far uglier than the i3.

Having said all of that, Murray doesn’t think the BMW i3 is the ugliest car in the US. Instead, that dishonor goes to the Toyota Prius. Not only is the Prius hideous looking but it’s also terrible to drive. In fact, it’s so bad, it’s actually losing a ton of customers, which is odd because Prius customers are the last car buyers that care about looks. They want it because it’s a Prius and it will buy them green brownie points. So if it’s so ugly that traditional Prius customers are backing off, it’s bad.