BMW quietly took the virtual veils off the 2018 BMW i3 last night and sent it out in the world alongside its sportier brother, the BMW i3S. With the addition of the latter electric car, the BMW i family grew in size and now has three members. All of them are featured in the first promo clip the Germans launched online featuring the facelifted i3.

The promo clip focuses on the three cars BMW has to offer for those looking for eco-friendly thrills behind the wheel. As you can see, they all have distinguishing features in terms of design that set them apart from the automotive world as we know it. That’s one of the things people complained about most when the original i3 was unveiled, but BMW now aims to improve the looks of their EV, while offering their enthusiasts a sportier ride as well.

With the i3, the Bavarians wanted people to know that the members of the i family are not your regular, run-of-the-mill cars. If the i8 is a concept brought to life, the i3 is the more practical city car of the two, all of its design cues being there for a reason. From the skinny tires that help reduce drag to the short wheelbase and narrow body, everything works together to make sure drivers of the i3 can navigate narrow, crowded city streets with ease.

The new i3 does come with some changes in terms of design and they are most noticeable up front. Inside the cabin some small changes also happened in terms of materials but the overall layout remained the same. The biggest upgrade the i3 received was the new iDrive infotainment system that is now even more helpful for EV drivers, showing them parking spaces where they can recharge their car as well as many more small improvements.