There are many questions about future BMWs. What models will be replacing now-gone models and will we see the return of models that we love, like the 4 Series Gran Coupe? These are a couple of the questions that enthusiasts have for the future of BMW. Thankfully we’ve received some leaked chassis codes that hint at answers to some of our questions.

We know that BMW is moving to “G” prefaced chassis codes, as with the new G11 7 Series and G30 5 Series. So it’s no surprise to see that all upcoming chassis codes will start with “G”. The upcoming 3 Series will be called the G20-generation, with the G21 being the Touring (wagon) variant. What’s interesting is that Chinese model 3 Series sedans will receive a G28 chassis code. We’re wondering if that’s the long-wheelbase model that is so popular in China.

As for the BMW 4 Series, its second-gen model will be called the G22/G23. The former will be designated for the Coupe model and the latter will be the Convertible. What’s exciting about the 4 Series chassis codes we’ve received is that there seem to be two separate ones for the Gran Coupe and 4 Series Gran Turismo, the latter of which will replace the current 3 Series GT. The 4 Series Coupe will be a G24 and the 4 Series GT will be G26. So rumors of the models being combined seem to be squashed.

G20 BMW 3 Series

This most recent BMW M3 was the first to ever have a different chassis code from the regular 3 Series. Rather than be an F30 M3, it’s an F80 M3 and that’s because it’s so significantly different than the standard car. It seems as if that will continue moving forward, as the upcoming M3 is supposed to be a G80. The BMW M4 will also be G82 and the M4 Convertible will be a G83.

So we now know that the 3 Series GT will be moving up to a 4 Series and the 4er Gran Coupe will remain, thankfully. We also now know that the BMW M3 and M4 will continue the trend of using different chassis codes from the cars upon which they’re based. This isn’t much info but it does give us an idea of what BMW has planned for the future.