The new BMW Concept Z4 is here and it’s quite possibly the prettiest concept to come from BMW yet. The Bavarians seem to be on a roll with their concepts, as the recent 8 Series Concept is also a real stunner. But this new Concept Z4 might be even better looking. Thanks to its pretty looks, fans are naturally wondering how much of this concept’s styling will make it to production. So we thought it might be interesting to take a look at the new concept and the spy shots we’ve seen of the BMW Z4 to take a stab at figuring it out.

So, at first glance, it’s quite obvious that the production Z4 will be significantly smaller. It will be a small, lightweight and nimble roadster, which is relieving. The Concept Z4, while gorgeous, is quite large and looks almost like a GT car. Though, despite the size difference, the proportions are actually rather similar. The hood still points way low and stretches out far ahead of the driver. Both cars have short rear decks and the driver seems to be sitting just ahead of the rear axle.

At the front, the new Concept Z4 is obviously far more cartoonish than the production car will be. However, we can see some similarities just front the spy photos. The Kidney Grilles are very wide and stretch out toward the headlights. The headlights also have a similar, angular shape to them. So it’s still going to have an angry face, seemingly, just not as angry.

Out back, it’s obvious that the production car will lose the double-bubble-style roof. But there are still some similarities. The exhaust pipes, while not as extreme, look quite similar and the taillights on the production car are wide and narrow. Though they’re not anywhere near as narrow, they still have a similar vibe. Also, both cars seem to have a built-in decklid spoiler. Again, the Concept’s is more extreme but it is a concept. From the rear angle, we can see that the production Z4 has a large Air Breather as well, which should look good.

While the Concept Z4 is obviously far more cartoonish and exaggerated than the production car, there are similarities. This bodes well for the new BMW Z4, as it should show it some resemblance to this stunning concept.