While we’re patiently waiting for the imminent reveal of the new BMW M5, we can’t help but check out the current model in all sorts of situations. The F10 M5 can be called a lot of things and a lot of fans of the brand were disappointed by it for a number of reasons – one of them is the weight – but when it comes to outright power delivery, this thing is a monster. And yet that doesn’t seem to be enough for some owners who seek out the baddest and meanest tuners out there to take their cars to the next level.

In the video below we get to take a look at what PP-Performance is capable of doing if given enough time and money. The F10 M5 in the footage below was fitted with a new ECU as well as a methanol injection system as well as a new MSR intake. The crown jewel though seems to be the Akrapovic exhaust system that didn’t just improve the air flow from the engine bay to the back of the car, but also changed the way the car sounds overall.

The dyno showed the car now makes 785 HP instead of the stock 560 HP and that’s quite the upgrade in our book. Given proper traction, the RWD sedan could possibly hang with supercars with such humongous power levels, despite its size. And no matter how impressive these figures may seem, we have to be honest and come clean as to why we were mostly interested in this car in the first place.

It seems like the guys found a way to turn this BMW into a proper flamethrower judging by the size of the flames coming out of the exhaust. The question on my mind is: how long until that rear bumper melts off or until the car is simply set on fire. While the owner might have some thinking to do about the choices he made, we can all enjoy his fire spitting Bimmer.