The legend of the BMW M1 is well known among BMW enthusiasts. It was BMW’s first attempt at a supercar and it spawned the birth of the now-famous M Division. It was originally designed to go racing, so homologation was required. This brought about the brilliant M1 roadcars we know and love. However, due to complications with the M1’s creation, the racing series it was designed for had dissolved before the M1 could be finished. BMW was left with these M1 racing cars but no race. So the BMW M1 Procar series was born, which was a racing series of just BMW M1s.

BMW’s Procar series only lasted two seasons until it, too, was dissolved. During its run, though, there were 40 BMW M1 Procar chassis developed. Except, only 39 of them ever saw a race track. Chassis number 31 was actually built back into a road car and sold to a German customer in 1979. Through an exchanging of hands over time, the car eventually made its way to California, where its new owner had stripped it down to rebuild it. During this strip down, the new owner realized its chassis was actually that of a Procar race car. Chassis number 31.

So this new owner went to work turning it back into the BMW M1 Procar it originally was. Procar suspension, body kits, hubs, wheels, brakes and interior. Obviously, it isn’t completely original, as original Procar parts aren’t available anymore. However, it’s a wonderfully faithful restoration with only a few very subtle upgrades. The engine has been rebuilt by VAC Motorsports who fitted it with electronic fuel-injection, so its brilliant 3.5 liter inline-six engine now makes 470 hp and 357 lb ft. It also got Brembo brakes and slightly larger BBS wheels, that mirror the design of the originals, to accommodate those larger brakes.

The car was then painted in Basalt Blau, which was never actually a color offered on the M1. Though, four M1s were made in this color for BMW board members. With those classic wheels, massive body kit and that gorgeous blue color, all adorning that iconic shape, this BMW M1 Procar is a wonderful car. The best part is that it’s completely street-legal. It’s a street-legal BMW M1 Procar. Think about that for a second and imagine what owning it must be like.

While this car isn’t actually for sale, it will be seen in public again at McCall’s Motorworks Revival in Monterey, California, which will be hosted at the Thermal Club on August 16. It’s the only road-legal BMW M1 Procar to ever exist (or as close to one as there will ever exist), so it’s worth seeing if you’re in the area.

[Source: Top Gear]