We’d already heard that the next BMW Le Mans car is going to be the BMW M8 GTE, based on the BMW M8 road car, obviously. While we have no idea of how that will be, because the 8 Series hasn’t even been revealed yet, but we’re still excited for it. Despite that, though, BMW is currently working on the upcoming M8 GTE alongside the 8 Series and M8. So we should see them all debut at around the same time when the time comes. Until then, though, all we have is this new teaser to go no.

The new BMW M8 GTE was just recently teased in a new photo posted to the BMW Motorsport Facebook account. “The 2017 FIA WEC is in full swing, but we are already gearing up for next season. Here’s an appetizer for our all-new BMW M8 GTE. More to come soon…” said BMW in the post. So we won’t be seeing the M8 GTE race this season but next season. That’s actually quite soon, all things considered. Because of this, testing is already underway, which means that it’s production-ready for the most part.


There’s really not much to learn from this photo. The only things we can make out from this photo we’ve already learned from spy photos. Its silhouette is low and sleek, with aggressively flared rear haunches and the massive air breather from the concept. The hood is long and the deck is short, as a proper GT car should be. While its size might not be perfectly ideal for WEC racing, BMW did okay with the M6 GTLM. The M8 GTE should be lighter, sharper and better in every way.

With the BMW 8 Series being one of the most exciting cars to come from Bavaria in a very long time, we’re just as excited to see the BMW M8 GTE.