The International Mini Meeting might’ve taken place back in May but a short video about the road leading up to it was just published this week by Mini on Youtube, speaking tons about the passion that drives the people loving every moment spent with the winged badge. Initially hosted for the first time back in 1978 in Germany, the IMM grew over the years and managed to create a legacy and a tradition that a lot of owners respect.

After several years, its popularity had grown considerably, even over the German borders and this resulted in an International event which takes place every year in a different country. Every 5 years there’s a celebration of Mini hosted in England where the IMM takes place around the Mini’s birthday in August. The IMM is a 3 day event for both young and old, which means that even New Minis are welcome!

If you plan on attending such an event you should know that the parking spots are taken as people arrive. Therefore, if you want people to actually see your car, the best thing to do is to place the Mini in such a way that everybody can have a good look at it. The event usually opens on Friday evening  as the proceedings take place over the course of a weekend. Different activities will be organized for Mini drivers and Mini Clubs during the rest of the weekend. Recurring features are the Concourse d’Elegance, boot sale, traders area, dinner on Saturday, party on Saturday night, breakfast on Sunday and a closing party on Sunday night.

Over the last few years, a new activity became tradition, the Mini Parade which usually means lots of Minis are queuing on local roads, sometimes causing a traffic jam, but always escorted by the police. Basically an IMM is all about socializing, meeting lots of other enthusiasts, relaxing and just having fun. That’s what the video below emphasizes, showing exactly how tight the Mini community is and how passionate its members are. Looking forward to next year already!