Heffner Vipers are widely known as drag strip killers around the world. Viper aficionados know all about them and for good reason, as the twin-turbo setup sold by the tuner completely transforms your car, according to your own desire. And while we were excited to see a 1000 WHP BMW 323i going up against it, we soon realized it might not stand a chance. Why? Because Heffner’s kits can deliver anything from 900 to 1700 HP.

Since the video uploader doesn’t mention any power figure for the Dodge, we’ll have to take the race result as a hint in this regard. The problem is, this is one awkward race. At first, the Viper seems to be pulling away but in a matter of seconds, we see the BMW speeding past it as if it was standing still due to what seems to be a missed gear shift. That’s not all though as the roles switch in the next couple of seconds, with the Viper pulling away in the same fashion towards the end as the BMW appears to be braking.

It’s all a fuzzy mess, including the gear shifting which doesn’t seem to be the driver’s forte, to be honest. Nevertheless, these things are obviously putting down some massive figures at the wheels. The BMW E21 323i claims 1000 HP at the wheels and that’s an incredible figure to begin with. Unfortunately, we don’t know the engine or the upgrades it received but we can assume some forced induction was involved, from either one or two turbochargers.

On the other hand, the amount of modifications needed for a Heffner Dodge Viper with a twin turbo setup is so big, it would be pointless to list everything here. The basic twin-turbo package on the car includes not only the dual turbochargers, but also the addition of a front-mounted intercooler, an AEM engine management system, upgraded air filters, a modified fuel delivery system, and larger fuel injectors to name just a few. Some of the other performance modifications in addition to the standard package include custom forged pistons, upgraded intake and exhaust valves, and a three inch stainless steel cat-back exhaust system.