It’s no secret by now that the 2 Series and the BMW M2 are regarded as the most fun cars you can get in BMW’s line-up these days. The BMW M240i and the M2 have received great accolades from people around the world, both journalists and owners and hopefully, this trend will be kept once the new models will be launched in the future. However, with everyone worried about climate change, at some point most cars on our roads will migrate to an electrified drivetrain. This is where the BMW iM2 concept steps in.

Brought to life by David Olivares, a designer from Monterey, Mexico, the concept wants to embody the M brand combined with the i sub-brand, offering an idea as to what future performance cars could look like. It’s a bold move, especially since the design of the concept shown here has a lot of powerful curves and looks quite far into the future. According to its creator, the BMW iM2 “is a car made for the future driver aficionado. It bonds the user and the machine by providing him a raw control of the vehicle.’

“This series hopes to fill the gaps between the current BMW series. It sacrifices luxury, top speed and range to achieve great acceleration, balance and competitive price,” he adds. Well, it certainly looks the part, but as to the technical side of things, a lot more research has to be done before we can drop the weight of the batteries enough to consider them usable on a high-performance car that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Sure, today we have electric supercars like the Rimac Concept One doing all sorts of great things, but considering their price tags and the compromises done in order to achieve the incredible performance figures they claim, it would defy the BMW M vision on how a performance car should be used. The thing that makes M cars great is their dual character, allowing you to live comfortably with one while also being able to go to the track in one without having to get out of the driver’s seat. Let’s see what the future holds, and in the meantime admire this great looking creation of Mr. Olivares.