It’s no secret – BMW owners are some of the most passionate and engaged automotive enthusiasts on the planet.

My friend, Matt, knowing I have the M Performance titanium exhaust installed on my F80 M3, sent me a quick invitation to meet with his friend, Mario, and “stop by at the nearby Issaquah Park & Ride to compare exhausts” since they’re in the market to upgrade their own exhaust systems. Matt owns a Mineral White F82 M4 and Mario owns a Long Beach Blue F87 M2. The date was set and plans were made. Then Matt tells me he’s invited a few more folks. That got me thinking “hey, maybe I should invite some friends too.” Before we knew it, the whole event snowballed and we had a veritable stable of M owners all scheduled to show up and showcase their exhaust setups, talk shop, and take pictures on a chill Saturday.

I didn’t know what to expect, but I did have the foresight to invite my good friend Keith, who owns a drone. Check out the video below, where you’ll enjoy 20+ BMW M’s varying from a monster PSM Dynamic widebody M4 wrapped in Grigio Giovani matte metallic, to a rare Valencia Orange 1M. Of course there are Long Beach Blue M2s present, as well as my own Mineral White M3, and even a rare Mexico Blue M4 and a tastefully modified Dinan M4 in Austin Yellow. Watch the video below!

Seeing so many gorgeous BMW M’s owned by such awesome folks, ready and willing to talk about their cars, their setups and their experiences owning these magnificent machines really put a big smile on my face. And the cherry on top of this Bavarian cake was seeing so many cars ordered with the manual transmission option. Hats off to everyone that attended, and a big thank you to Matt and Mario for organizing the meet!

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