BMW Motorrad Spezial. Customisation ex works is BMW Motorrad’s response to the ever increasing customer demand for individualization.

With the launch of the R nineT, BMW Motorrad recognized the trend towards individualization early on and has taken significant steps into this segment by enlarging the R nineT family to include five models in 2017. BMW Motorrad is now expanding its individualization range with BMW Motorrad Spezial and is offering distinctive-design, performance-enhancing and exclusive customization options ex works. Highest-grade materials, genuine surfaces, skilled craftsmanship and the love of detail are what define BMW Motorrad Spezial as well as the harmonious integration of all parts into the overall design of the motorcycle. Starting with the Touring and Heritage models, the Spezial range will be continuously expanded.

From August 2017, the Spezial product range will not only include exclusive optional equipment ex works, but also products from the current Original BMW Motorrad Accessories range.

When customizing his motorcycle, the customer can proceed in two different ways. On the one hand he can equip his motorcycle directly ex works with all the visual upgrading by ordering it with the Spezial equipment already installed. On the other hand he will be able to choose special accessories from a “Spezial World” in the future where all his high customization demands will be met. This means that the customer will still be able to customize his motorcycle via the dealer in the traditional way.

While many manufacturers offer their accessories almost exclusively on a retrofit basis, ordering special equipment ex-works is a decades-old tradition at BMW Motorrad. The equipment and accessories are listed on the vehicle invoice and thus are fully covered by the warranty, can be financed together with the new motorcycle thus also saving the customer additional costs and time. In addition the customer can still continue to customize his motorcycle further with the wide range of special accessories from the BMW Motorrad Spezial range.

With the launch of BMW Motorrad Spezial, a new generation of the BMW Motorrad Configurator will also be introduced. For the first time a large section of the special accessories range will be fully included in the digital presentation for the R nineT models – in addition to the full range of ex works special equipment.  In this way the customer can configure his personalized BMW motorcycle with all the special equipment/Spezial parts before it is manufactured and also look at his bike with one or more Original BMW Motorrad Accessories installed.

The new BMW Motorrad Spezial program starts from August 2017.