Of all the 3 Series in BMW’s history, the current-gen F30 is probably the least-loved. While the 5 Series’ generations are debatable, it’s pretty commonly felt that the newest 3 Series is the worst 3 Series. Not that it’s a bad car, because it isn’t at all, but it just has a hard time stacking up against its predecessors, all of which were transcendentally good. So BMW has a lot of work to do for its upcoming G20-generation 3 Series if it wants to bring the nameplate back into good graces with fans. Fortunately, it’s off to a good start and we get to see it taking some laps around the Nurburgring wearing full camouflage.

The new G20 3 Series will be significantly lighter than the previous car, it will be stiffer and should be much improved, dynamically. While the current G30 5 Series has been criticized by some for being a bit numb, it’s far improved, dynamically, over the previous F10-generation car. So we’re assuming BMW has taken the same basic approach to the 3 Series — lighten it, stiffen it and sharpen it up.

In this new spy video, we see the new 3 Series taking to the ‘Ring, proving that BMW cares about how well it handles at the limit. There’s not much we can discern from this video about the new 3er but we can take some shots at it.

Judging by the lack of sound and the fact that it has dual circular exhausts, we’re going to guess that this is the upcoming BMW 330i. It’s pretty quiet, with just a very hushed muted growl every now and again, so we don’t think it’s BMW’s B58 engine. Plus, those dual circular exhausts, one on either side of the rear bumper, have been signifying four-cylinder engines in BMW’s recent models, such as the 5 Series and upcoming X3. However, this car seems to have some sort of sports package, whether it be M Sport or not.

BMW needs this 3er to be a hit, as its current model has received lukewarm reviews throughout its life. Admittedly, that hasn’t really hurt sales, as BMW still sells 3 Series’ by the boatload. Still, though, if the brand wants to keep its “Ultimate Driving Machine” alive, it needs to inject some of that ethos into this new G20.