This year, as the 2 Series range turned 3-years old, BMW announced a set of upgrades for the popular models. Both the Coupe and Convertible versions have received the traditional Life Cycle Impulse as BMW calls it, or LCI for short. The facelifted cars are now available for orders and they bring a few subtle changes to the table. As the video below will explain, they are mostly cosmetic, but there are some new tech tidbits thrown in there as well.

From the moment they were launched, the Coupe and Convertible 2 Series have been extremely popular. Most of that credit goes to the amazing chassis and engines they used, taking the blue and white roundel back to what it knows how to do best – deliver a great driving experience. The M Performance models got even more praise, as various publications dubbed them the best products in the entire BMW line-up time after time. Now, with the new models, things are looking even better.

As far as the changes go, you’ll notice the new headlights and taillights that do make a big difference. Apart from looking good, they are also standard, with LED lights being an optional feature. Other changes include a small increase in the size of the air intakes on the sides of the front bumper as well as a redesigned kidney grille. However, these changes will be hard to spot, even if you’re a big fan of the 2 Series.

Inside the cabin you’ll find a new instrument cluster as well as an upgraded version of the iDrive system along with more choices when it comes to trims and combinations. However, before I tell you all about the facelift BMW 2 Series range, I think it would be better if you watch the video below and the explanations laid out by Chris Brow.