BMW is returning the favor – the Munich-based automaker is congratulating its archival Mercedes-Benz on the 50th anniversary of the AMG brand.

At the 2017 M Festival, BMW used their customer pavilion to put up a huge billboard to congratulate Mercedes on its impressive achievement. “You ordered cake, we made donuts,” says the ad. To the right of the message there is an M4 doing some “donuts” in the asphalt.

AMG used this year’s Nurburgring motoring event to showcase their racing heritage with a limited-run version of the track-only Mercedes-AMG GT3 Edition 50 wearing a special livery. In addition, Mercedes unveiled some details about the F1-derived Project One hypercar.

Their rivalry was even more obvious this weekend with BMW using the same venue to give a glimpse into the future of the M brand, a somewhat unexpected move. After the unveil of the Concept 8 Series, BMW has also semi-unveiled the M8 Coupe. Furthermore, BMW has also acknowledged their return to the Le Mans championship with an M8 GTE in 2018.

This is without a doubt one of the best rivalries in the automotive world, one that’s based on respect and one that pushes both companies into the future with innovative products that benefits us, the customers.

[Source: Motor1]