Competitors pay respects to BMW

Interesting | March 7th, 2016 by 10

In just a few hours, BMW will begin its 100th years birthday celebrations at the Olympiahalle in Munich. Under the motto “The Next 100 Years”, BMW will host a series of events highlights its long history from an aircraft engine manufacturer to one of the world’s most respected brands.

Ahead of the celebration, its German competitors are congratulating BMW on its long and prosperous history through a series of ads. Mercedes and Porsche have both come forward with two simple, yet effective ads.

porsche bmw 100 1 750x239

porsche bmw 100 750x481

According to our sources, BMW will unveil a visionary concept car that will highlight the company’s vision for future mobility. Our sources say this is not a future production car, but rather a unique concept that pushes the boundaries of automotive design and engineering.

A teaser image was shared by BMW along with a statement from Harald Krüger, BMW’s chairman of the board of management: “The company has continually evolved and, in some cases, reinvented itself. That will continue in the future.”

Stay tuned!