Back in 2016 BMW launched a special edition M3 to celebrate the anniversary of 30 years since the original came out. It was unmistakably called the BMW M3 ’30 Jahre’ Edition and it showcased a couple of special features as a throwback to the original E30 M3. Being built in just 500 units worldwide didn’t necessarily mean it was out of reach for tuning shops and the guys from Manhart Performance got a hold of one for an exciting project.

The end result is called the BMW M3 ’30 Jahre’ MH3 550 which tells us is that it started life as a ‘standard’ version of the special ’30 Jahre’ edition of the M3 and – stay with me here – after some tinkering from Manhart it also gained the MH3 550 nomenclature which hints at the upgraded model’s power levels: 550 PS.

What should be mentioned here is that the ’30 Jahre’ edition already came with an upgraded engine under the hood, as all cars sporting this badge were equipped with the Competition Package. That means, in standard guise, they make 450 HP and 550 Nm (406 lb-ft) of torque. Therefore, the power increase offered by Manhart is exactly 100 horsepower.

And while most of us would be thinking that those levels of power are just too much for an M3, according to the review, the clever, upgraded rear diff of the Competition Package makes a hell of a difference. Therefore, things are kept in check, without throwing you into a ditch, fence or whatever else you might find on the side of the road.

But the technical bits aren’t the only thing that changed on this special M3 though. Manhart enhanced it as well using plenty of carbon fiber, wherever possible. The hood was changed, there’s a new spoiler at the back and, of course, the typical Manhart wheels on all four corners of the car.